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Germany Double-Header Hosted Buyer Event Registration
Hamburg Convention Bureau

IMEX 2012 Qualifications for the I&MI Media Germany Double-Header Hosted Buyer Event

You must be responsible for planning, organizing, recommending or making financial decisions for meeting, incentive, congress or corporate events outside your home country, and in this case, an interest in placing potential programs in Hamburg.

Special Notes: The link will take you directly to the IMEX Hosted Buyer registration to complete the application form.

When you are accepted by IMEX you are required to attend both programs [IMEX 2013 plus Hamburg].


Program Registration

Please click the link to registration and read the instructions given by IMEX.
Then click on next and choose the group, then choose the Group I&MI Media.

The application will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Before you start please ensure you have the following details:

  • Information about previous or future international events you have or will organise, including dates, venues, delegate countries and event type.
  • If you request a visa, for entry to Germany, you will need your passport to complete the registration form.