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SEP/OCT 2012
Seafood Central
The unique cast-iron roof and supporting structure of Santiago’s
Mercado Central was prefabricated by Messrs Laidlaw & Sons of
Glasgow and erected in Santiago in 1868, opening four years later
and bustling with commerce ever since. The highlight is the fish
stalls, packed with glistening eels, sharks and salmon, buckets of
salt-crusted oysters, mussels and clams. Plan your visit during lunch
hour and try a rich bowl of caldillo de congrio (a thick conger eel
soup) or a tangy ceviche at one of the many restaurants. Although
touristy and a bit pricey, you’ll find the most exquisite seafood in the
city here, including crabs the size of a basketball. Also check out La
Vega Central, the biggest fruit market in Chile (a whole city block), just
across the river from Mercado Central.
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Santiago to Snow in an Hour
How many global cities are only an hour away from high quality ski resorts? Check out
one of the biggest resorts in South America, Valle Nevado, or one of the smaller ones
such as Farellones or La Parva, all within an hour of the city. The closest ski areas
to Santiago are the interconnected ski resorts in the Three Valleys (Tres Valles). The
boutique La Parva is only 50 km/30 miles east of the city and a popular choice for the
elite of Santiago. El Colorado and Farellones ski areas are part of the one resort and
are great for beginners and for racing on long groomers. Valle Nevado is a behemoth
ski area that is internationally renowned. Take your pick.
Multiple Museums
History and culture lovers might call Quinta
Normal Santiago’s “Museum District.” The
area’s four museums include the Natural History
Museum (the oldest natural history museum
in Latin America); the Artequín Museum (with
its copies of famous artworks hung at kiddy
height and housed in a striking cast-iron-
and-glass structure used as Chile’s pavilion
in the 1889 Paris Exhibition); the Museo de
Ciencia y Tecnología (Museum of Science and
Technology); and Museo Ferroviario (Railway Museum). All have space
available for groups and special events.
Natural History Museum -
tequín Museum -
useo de Ciencia y Tecnología -
Museo Ferroviario -
Pablo’s Place
One of the three homes of famed Chilean
poet Pablo Neruda, La Chascona is
decorated with an incredible collection of
anything you can imagine from all over the
world and is also home to his Nobel Prize.
There are rooms designed to create the
feeling that you are on a ship, as well as
some great views of the city. Neruda’s other
two houses aren’t too far from Santiago (one
in Valparaiso, the other in Isla Negra) and all
are worth seeing if you have time (there are tours that take visitors to
all three). This popular tourist attraction is situated in Bellavista, the
chic neighborhood on the south bank of the Mapocho River whose
tree-lined streets are home to a thriving culture and social life.
Venues Aplenty
Santiago offers group space of all sizes and styles. Espacio Riesco
Convention Center offers 10,000 sqm/107,639 sqft of meeting
space, as well as a 17,000 sqm/182,986 sqft indoor expocenter and
sqm/301,389 sqft outdoor expocenter. The Cultural Center
at Mapocho Station
can accommodate up to 2,000 people in its 14
different areas. Casa Piedra, located in one of the most exclusive
areas of Santiago, can also handle groups of up to 2,000. Hacienda
Santa Martina, a “Nature and Golf Club” located on 364 hectares/900
acres, can host events of up to 1,000. And the Gran Casino
Monticello can accommodate 1,800 people for events, seminars and
symposia of various kinds.