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NOV/DEC 2012
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Delta Lloyd Life's 'Experiential' Nepal Trip
used to the very best in travel rewards,” says
Anup Nair, Incentive Destinations’ Managing
Director. “The selection of Nepal was to our
advantage, because we knew that we could
create a very memorable experience for
them in this destination. Nepal has so much
to offer — adventure, trekking, white-water
rafting, spectacular mountains, ancient cities,
history, culture and the unending possibility
of creating magical experiences. Delta Lloyd’s
requirement was a travel reward that was
out of this world’ – and that we delivered
with aplomb.”
Not only was Delta Lloyd thrilled with
the program, but SITE Global, an international
organization of incentive travel professionals,
also was impressed. The organization
presented Incentive Destinations with its
annual Crystal Award for Best in Class for the
Asia/Pacific Region, presented in September
at the SITE Global International Conference
in Beijing.
In working with Delta
Lloyd, Incentive
Destinations was asked
to handle the complete
delivery of the incentive
program on the ground,
from the clients’ arrival
in Kathmandu on Day
until their departure
a week later. Due to
limited space at Nepal’s
boutique hotels and
limited transportation options, the group
came in two waves, back-to-back, over
the course of two weeks. “We provided the
transportation, complete logistical support,
guides, meals at exciting restaurants,
animation at all times, including exciting
daytime activities and memorable theme
evenings,” says Nair.
Incentive Destinations arranged for the
groups to stay in luxurious accommodations,
including the Dhulikhel Mountain Resort
in Dhulikhel, Shangrila in Kathmandu,