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Program Example
Malaysia - a complete destination of nature, adventure and culture, perfect for unwinding after your meeting.
Day One
• Experience the colors of Malaysia from the time you arrive with a welcome by ladies in ethnic costumes and a specially
made welcome cocktail at the hotel
• At the hotel, local tribes welcome your arrival with a rousing showcase of a rhythmic and thunderous welcome of
kompang (local hand held drums).
• A truly authentic experience of the city will have you meandering into local markets, meet local artisans and interact
through hands on activity. Enjoy authentic local cuisine at a unique and local eatery and enjoy a Chinese tea drinking
Day Two
• Take an off road adventure into the wild side of Kuala Lumpur and experience the beauty and exoticism of the city. From
encounters with aborigines to the art of blow pipe, this journey will take you from local villages to waterfalls hidden in the
depths of the tropical forest for a refreshing tea served in the middle of the jungle.
• From the time you board you 4x4 vehicles, expect non- stop adventure. The first stretch of the route is mostly tar
road passing through the Malay and Chinese residential area. Before going on the dirt track, the first stop will be at
the Orang Asli (aborigines) village. Here you will have an opportunity to experience their lifestyle firsthand. A blow pipe
demonstration will be held after which you will be given a chance to show off your skill by hitting a target by using the
blow pipe. The journey continues on a dirt track going uphill on a 3 tiers Sendat waterfalls. Tea will be served at the
waterfalls and for those who love to get wet, a dip in the cool water can be very refreshing.
• As part of corporate social responsibility, plan to sponsor or include an activity in conservation or social upgrading at
the villages. Contact us for a tailor made program or for more details
Day Three
• Take a trip to Malaysia‘s second smallest yet historical city, Malacca which is a UNESCO heritage site. Delight in a
cultural and food safari as your local hosts takes you on an interesting jaunt of local streets. The journey will be one of
unique experiences as you haggle for antiques or try your hand at making some local food
Day Four
• Have a time for leisure. With a multitude of shopping malls, street bazaars and some of the best bargains in town -
with anything from antique to technology, Kuala Lumpur is a shopper‘s paradise for those looking for some retail therapy.
• Alternatively, be refreshed and revitalized as you indulge in relaxing Asian Spa set in a bungalow in the heart of Kuala
Lumpur. Within this haven, Spa Indrani instantly evokes a sense of solitude and peace. Inside, modern facilities mix with
bucolic architecture to house seven private chambers where the body and mind are treated to exquisite indulgence. The
three outdoor pavilions, surrounded by tropical gardens and a clear blue lap pool, offer a more rustic and a refreshing
alternative to the indoor chambers.
• Bring back your pleasant memories as you depart from this enchanting city of many wonders.
Themed Events
Adventure Escape into the wild as you explore wild nature and learn all about natural herbs, spices, plus a spot of cooking
in the wild. You will be picked up in a 4WD, and taken into the depths of the jungle, where you will be shown the skills of
cooking in the wild, followed by lunch next to a waterfall.
Nature The green way, as you play your part in conservation with a spot of mangrove planting, or care for the animals
at the numerous rehabilitation centres in the wild. Visit the Orang Utan rehabilitation center and discover the aspects of
rehabilitation as you get involved with nature.
Culture Enjoy a stint of cultural preservation as you partake in making your own documentary on preserving traditions
and cultures at one of Malaysia‘s many UNESCO sites. You will be given maps of the locations that you will need to find,
and some typical modes of transport. You will then create your own script for a documentary that will highlight the charm
and beauty of this UNESCO town of unique heritage and culture.
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Other Services
East West as a full destination solutions provider, our
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Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur
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