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Groningen, The Netherlands

Groningen Convention Bureau GCB


Ubbo Emmiussingel 37B

9711 BC Groningen



Mr. Jaap A. Westerhuijs



+ 31 5031 688 77


+ 31 5031 260 47


Member OfNetherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, Meeting Professionals Int ‑ MPI, Marketing Groningen, VNO‑NCW, MKB, Commercial Club Groningen


As a lively university city, Groningen has the youngest average population in the Netherlands. It has a long and turbulent history, which becomes evident from the historic warehouses, courts and buildings. Groningen is also a city with nerve, with the most numerous examples of innovative architecture within its boundaries. In addition, it was once proclaimed the city with the best city center in the Netherlands because of its charm.
Experience all of this and explore Groningen! Groningen includes one of Europe’s oldest man‑made landscapes and borders a UNESCO World Heritage area.

Convention Bureau Services

Everything has to be approached in a professional manner. It takes time and effort, accuracy, precise timing and experience. It requires know‑how and know‑who, as well as know‑what and know‑where. Over the years, the GCB, as a certified Professional Congress Organizer, has gained ample experience in organizing and co‑organizing national and international conventions, events and incentives for the worlds of business, administration and science. In whatever combination you like.
The Groningen Convention Bureau is your logical partner for the organization of conventions, trade fairs, incentives, events, exhibitions and other gatherings and meetings, single‑day or longer.