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Rain Forest Adventures ‑ Atlantic

San Jose, Costa Rica


150 m/500 feet east of the Instituto Nacional de Seguros

1959‑1002 San Jose

Costa Rica


Jeffrey Jiménez Sánchez

Sales Manager, Corporate


+506 225 759 61 x 233


+506 225 760 53


Member OfCanatur, Costa Rica Convention Bureau, ACOT, CATUSA, ACOPROT, CCH, Amcham

AwardsCertification for Sustainable Tourism, Costa Rica Ecological Blue Flag, Carbon Offset, Certified No Smoke Area


Our main purpose is to show all visitors the different levels of a rainforest, including the treetops or canopy ‑ the hardest level to access and up to now the least scientifically known part of the forest. The length of the Tram ride is about 1 hour and 10 minutes (2,600 m/1.6 mile). In their eagerness to search for light and space, many plants have colonized the treetops turning them into small ecosystems. Our wildlife is free to wander naturally as it is supposed to be. The most common species found here are butterflies, birds including toucans, parrots, woodpeckers, sparrow hawks, eagle‑hawks, tanagers, wrens and many others. Reptiles and lizards as well as amphibians such as “blue jeans frogs” can also be found in our rainforest. Those who have ventured through the forest tree tops have also discovered interesting mammals. In this category we have three monkey species, two kinds of sloth, two kinds of anteater bears and of course a great number of bat species. Insects are abundant in the canopy and many species are still unknown to scientists. From the Aerial Tram guests can also appreciate all the different shades of green as well as the various sizes and shapes the leaves have created as a strategy to capture sun light. The course is very secure and very quiet, which allows visitors to listen to the many different sounds of the rainforest. The creation of Rain Forest Adventures – Atlantic was born from a man’s dream, because a scientist had the urge to reach the treetops of the rainforest, where numerous plant and animal species lived ‑ some of them virtually unknown. Our visitors will enjoy the most complete experience possible, as they will literally fly through the forest, viewing the sub canopy (middle part of the forest), the upper canopy and its hanging gardens. Tram guests will discover plants and forms of life that are usually hidden in the forest treetops, an unknown world of incredible beauty and an extraordinary biological diversity. Complementing the Gondola experience, participants will be taken on a nature walk and enjoy an informational video. All visitors will be able to see life as it develops in the canopy for the first time, while experts will discover new things about the canopy’s natural history.

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