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An event does not only pursue an objective, it also has a covert mission: differentiation. We do what others have not done, what has not been seen, what appears impossible. Because we know that if an event is not memorable its objective fades out. Creative production is one of our pillars, logistics the other. Our proposal consists of blending creativity with goals, linking responsibility with entertainment. In this way, an event unwraps inside another event, obtaining as a result a memorable idea.
The Mecca of all your Expectations ‑
There are few unique and unbeatable destinations in the world. Argentina is one of them. Its climate and geographical diversity trace different landscapes which make up extraordinary places. From extensive locations filled with endless forests up to most extensive lakes, most impressive mountains and the combination of the dry areas of the Northeast with the subtropical weather of the city of Buenos Aires.
• Buenos Aires
This multifaceted province is the vital hub of the nation. Cosmopolitan and thriving, it offers unique activities, sophisticated locations and a wide array of hotels and meeting rooms which allow you to properly think and choose a location for an unforgettable experience. Besides, it is the birthplace of Tango and football, two indicators that together with its restaurants, make up a city in which all types of events can be organized.
• Patagonia
Impressive landscapes, innumerable lakes and mountain ranges which create a feeling of constant fantasy and reality.
• Mendoza
It is famous because it is the land of good wine. At the foot of the Los Andes mountain range it has fantastic weather because it is very pleasant, temperate and with very little rain.
• Iguazú
This city has one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Iguazú Falls. Visiting the falls is an unforgettable experience, really impressing all groups of visitors and participants of events.
• Salta and Jujuy
Salta and Jujuy complement each other in order to provide the best and most varied options for activities, accommodation and catering for events of all types.

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• Product Launches • Incentive travels
• Congresses, conferences and meetings
• Ideas develops according to the clients requests
• Sales and marketing conventions
• Themed parties • Medical congresses
• Budget planning • Event control
• Full time on site staff on each program
• Site inspections • Transportation
• Recreational activities
• Team building activities
• Venues searching for clients needs