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Dubrovnik, Croatia

General Information

Museums / Galleries

Dubrovnik treasures such a wide range of noteworthy places that making a selection is always a difficult one. The inventary of the third oldest pharmacy in Europe, dating from 1317, hosts the Museum of the Franciscans. Precise goldsmith's works from 11th to 19th century are to be found in the Treasury of the Cathedral. There is a collection of Dubrovnik School of Art pieces from the 15th and 16th century at the Museum of the Dominicans. Rector's Palace houses an art collection, furniture, porcelain and inventary of the Domus Christy Pharmacy from 1420. The Maritime Museum offers the history of Dubrovnik's maritime tradition. Among many private galleries, the Memorial Center Ron Brown and Museum of Modern Art host works of modern Croatian and international painters. The State Archives contain documents from the rise and fall of the Dubrovnik Republic.

Festivals / Cultural Events

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is one of the oldest and most prestigious events. The city's palaces, churches and squares are transformed into unique stages for music, theatre and folklore performances during July and August. Julian Rachlin & Friends ‑ Festival of Chamber Music is held beginning of September. Other events like Renaissance music and dances, medieval fairs and Dalmatian singing are also featured. There is also the Film Meeting at the end of August. Caroling and Christmas Market as well as celebration of New Year's Eve is a tradition. Street Carnival, masked balls, The Feast of Patron saint Saint Blaise, are held every February. Oysters Festival, Gastro Table and the Easter Market take place in the open, heralding spring traditional events in Dubrovnik.

Sport / Leisure

Dubrovnik is a perfect place for those who seek challenges and an active type of holiday. Entertainment, recreation and sports are available throughout the year. Experience a jeep safari, horse‑back ride, canoe safari, sea kayaking, bowling, bridge, sail to the Elaphiti Islands or visit a National Park on Mljet island.


Good shopping possibilities in central Dubrovnik, a chance to unwind with some light retail therapy.

Gastronomy and Nightlife

A place of gastronomic delight, open air living, and Mediterranean style is complemented by rich and varied culinary offers, recipes from a past in which time went by more slowly.

Literary Wealth

The rich history of the former republic is stored in many libraries. The Franciscans Library is in possession of more than seventy thousand volumes, thousands of manuscripts and incunabulas. The Science Library has two hundred thousand books some printed before 1500. The State Archives contains the documents from the rise and fall of the Dubrovnik Republic.