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Santiago, Chile

General Information

Chile has more than 16.5 million residents. Nearly 6 million live in Santiago, the capital of the country. The official language of Chile is Spanish, except for Easter Island where locals also speak Rapa Nui. Chilean territory is found on the south west of South America. Chile’s territory is very varied so is its climate which is determined by its latitude, its proximity to the sea and its altitude. The country has a tempting cuisine. Chile has outstanding seafood products from its long coastline and the richness of its earth produces fine and award winning Chilean wine. Chile is one of the safest countries in the continent, making a visit, investment or travel safe and tranquil. The country has a diversity of services and a solid public and private infrastructure. Chile stands out in Latin America for the existence of democratic politics and an open economy integrated with the world. Its constant growth, based on progress and modernity, has led the country to sign important agreements which consolidate it as an emerging, stable and trustworthy country. A range of cultural events take place throughout the year in Chile, offering a variety of museums, galleries and exhibition halls.


Theater and dance are deeply rooted in Chilean culture, with many existing companies dating back to the 19th century. Although the Pinochet dictatorship threatened the future of creative arts, its oppressive rule actually ushered in an inventive, contemporary movement, with performers using artistic expression as a vehicle for political criticism and reform. Since the return of democracy, the Chilean performance arts scene has blossomed, with dozens of companies, old and new, thriving in Santiago, as well as other culturally rich cities like Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.


The national sport is soccer, every weekend you will see people playing on any suitable field. If you prefer other sports, it will be difficult for you to find a group to join. To keep in shape you should stick to running or swimming. Of course, right behind Santiago the Andes are inviting ...


Museums in Chile are an interesting part of the sightseeing tour. Most of the museums in Chile are located in the capital city of Santiago.

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