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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

General Information


With a multi‑lingual population and English being widely spoken, meeting planners and delegates will be able to communicate with ease. Most Malaysians can speak at least three languages, including the national languages: Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Tamil.


Malaysia has a tropical weather year round, with temperatures ranging from 21ºC to 32ºC. Higher elevations are cooler, with temperatures between 15°C to 25°C.


Malaysia showcases an exciting year‑round calendar of festivals, ensuring that visitors have endless opportunities to enjoy nature‑based adventures, enriching cultural experiences or fabulous shopping sprees. Citrawarna or “Colors of Malaysia” held in May annually features Malaysia’s various cultures: from the performing art and ethnic traditions to food preparations, dances, poetry and other customs.


Irresistible aromas, delicious tastes and lip‑smacking flavors! Malaysia's street food is reputed to be among the best in the region. From spicy, subtle to sweet, the different tastes of local food will leave you absolutely delighted. Malaysia was ranked by the Huffington Post USA as the top 10 New Food Travel Destinations for 2011, at No 2.

Excellent Value for Money

The World Economic Forum ranked Malaysia 3rd Most Price Competitive Country in the World for Travel & Tourism in 2011. Malaysia is excellent value for money for both meeting planners and delegates. UBS Price and Earnings Report 2009 also rated Kuala Lumpur as having the most competitive hotel rates in Asia.

Safety, Stability and Security

Malaysia is ranked the most peaceful country in South East Asia and 4th safest in Asia Pacific behind New Zealand, Japan and Australia. It is also the 19th safest and peaceful country out of 153 countries in the world (Global Peace Index 2011).

Visa Requirements

Visitors to Malaysia must hold a valid passport or travel document with a minimum validity of six months beyond the intended visiting period. Most nationalities do not require visas for social or business visits. For further information, please contact the nearest Malaysian diplomatic mission or Tourism Malaysia office.
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