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Antalya, Turkey

Venues for Group Events

Olympos Teleferik

600 Seatinc Capacity

Mount Tahtali, located in Antalya‑Kemer, with its height of 2,365 m/7,810 feet is the mountain closest to the sea on the southern coastline of Turkey. Tahtali embraces the view that surrounds Kemer, adored as a sea and vacation region, which is near the tourism metropolis, Antalya. Olympos is the 2nd highest Mounth of Beydaglari National Park and sits on a throne as if a king between Antalya and Finike and is the most dominant mountain of the Beydagları mountain range.


Was originally settled by the Hitities around 1,500 BC. Barnabas and St Paul went through Perge on their way to and from Antioch on their first journey. The ruins of Perge, although not on the scale of Ephesus are still vast. The stadium is one of the best preserved of the ancient world.


20,000 Seating Capacity

The magnificient 2nd century ampitheater has seating for up to 20,000 spectators and is used for concerts and festivals, of which the annual International Opera and Ballet Festival is the most important one. The architect was Xenon, whose secret formula for creating such perfect acoustics has not yet been discovered. The Seljuks used the theater as a caravanserai in the 13th century. Behind lie the ruins of what may be the best exmple of a Roman Aqueduct.


This ancient city is also called the Eagle's Nest because of its most remarkable location high in the Toros Mountains. Alexander the Great was unable to to conquer Termessos, which is easier to understand seeing the steep and winding road and the remains of the stout defending walls. Other remains include an agora, a gymnasium, an odeon and five vast water cisterns carved into the rock.