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Stuttgart, Germany

Places of Interest


The Palace Square in the heart of the city is surrounded by the Baroque New Palace, the 13th century Old Palace with its inner courtyard in Renaissance style, the Old Chancellery with the Mercury Column, the new Museum of Art, and the classical building of the Koenigsbau.

Mercedes‑Benz Museum

With its innovative architecture the Mercedes‑Benz Museum recalls a DNA spiral: the double helix. Spread over nine different levels, the exhibition transports visitors through 130 years of automotive history. The journey begins with the early pioneers and their conveyances and ends with present‑day record winners and Silver Arrows. A museum shop and restaurant are open to the public.

Porsche Museum

The museum is housed in a dynamic structure that seems to float above the ground. There are 80 vehicles on display, including classics such as the 356, 911 and 917 models. The museum pays special tribute to the achievements of Professor Ferdinand Porsche during the early 20th century. The Beetle, maybe his most famous invention, has a place of honor here.


The first TV tower in the world built of reinforced concrete in 1956, is the landmark of Stuttgart. The sightseeing platform offers superb views over the city and its surroundings.

State Gallery

The Old State Gallery dating from the 19th century houses paintings and sculptures from Classicism to Impressionism. The New State Gallery built in the 1980s is regarded as a prime example of post‑modern architecture, displaying classic modernism as well as outstanding special exhibitions.

Baroque Splendour

Located north of Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg Palace, the „Swabian Versailles“, is the largest existing baroque palace in Germany. Take a step back in time as you visit some of the more than 400 rooms and get a glimpse of the life lived by 18th century nobles.

Stuttgart for Wine Lovers

Surrounded by forests and vineyards, Stuttgart is the starting point of a tour along the river Neckar with stops for wine tasting and viewing the 1200 year old city of Esslingen with its medieval center, churches, cloisters, monasteries and the fortified remains of the old city defenses. You won’t want to miss the Old City Hall with its impressive Renaissance façade and 29‑bell glockenspiel.

The Black Forest

Ask ten people about the Black Forest and you’ll get ten different answers. Some mention the delicious Black Forest cake and cuckoo clocks; others love the medieval towns and villages with half‑timbered houses; they bring up the high accommodation and service standards, or recommend the relaxing spas and unspoiled countryside. But they all agree on one thing: If you’re looking for romance, the Black Forest is the place to go, and it’s only 30 minutes away from Stuttgart.