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About Izmir

Izmir, Turkey

Places of Interest

Asansor ‑ The Elevator

The elevator was built in 1907 and was the first and unique elevator of Turkey, in the most precious place of the city. The elevator was donated the municipality in 1983 and the mechanism was converted to electricity in 1985. Later it was decided to become a ‘culture, art and leisure centre’. The historical lift, with its mystic Middle Age ambiance and renaissance figures, was restored in 1992. In the same year, the 302 street, stretching vertically from Mithatpasa Street to the elevator, was named Dario Moreno, after the world famous artist who lived there. His house was also restored.

Ahmet Piristina Kent City Archive and Museum

aims to provide researchers all types of historical materials respecting the background of Izmir, via advanced computer technologies. The museum is open from 8:30AM to 5:30PM every day of the week and visits are free of charge. The library in APIKAM hosts 11,000 books consisting of valuable donations. A section of APIKAM is dedicated to the newspapers of which 1,440 volumes are from the Izmir National Library and printed in the ottoman alphabet and 8,000 volumes printed in the Latin alphabet as well as 5,000 handwritten works. This entire historical heritage is preserved under stable temperature and humidity.

Archeoligical Museum

The museum is a host to valuable objects starting from the 3000 BC civilizations, namely Troj, Ionian Confederation, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and the Ottomans.