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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Program Example

Get to know the music, culture and history of a people who live in the melody of the sea, the creation of new fashions, and the happiness of their own nature. Is the "carioca" (person from or living in Rio de Janeiro) part of the landscape or is the landscape part of the "carioca"? The result is the same. What is important, is to live in perfect harmony with the mountains, the sea, the sky and to be happy. ‑ The joy of being in Rio. "Cariocas" want to share this unique stage, with You. Walk down the streets and experience a city with several styles, yet one single spirit. Where two‑story buildings, monuments, churches, skyscrapers, parks, and avenues are much more than constructions. They are manifestations that coexist in harmony with nature, and something the "carioca" has that is all his own: the beauty of the city.

Rio a perfect destination of nature, fun and culture.

Day One: Welcome to Rio and celebrate it by visiting the Sugar Loaf ‑ with its unique situation at the entrance of the Guanabara Bay and between Rio's downtown and residential districts, allows literally a close look at the city and its beaches from above (400 m/1,280 ft). The top is reached by a modern two‑stage cable car ride lasting altogether less than half an hour, enjoying the limitless view over the city, its mountain range in the back, the bay cut by the great bridge over to Niteroi and the ocean.

Day Two: Experience Rio Highlights: Start with a very pleasant bike ride along the beaches to the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. The lagoon is surrounded by luxurious homes and embraced by Christ the Redeemer, an impressive sight. On arrival a personalized touch ‑ a group of people shouting, waving and congratulating the participants, just as it is done on marathon arrivals. The group has flags with company logo, and we can also have a banner with the logo. Activity will now continue on board of 4x4 vehicles (opened military style jeeps) – to visit to The Statue of Christ Redeemer ‑ elected one of the 7 New Wonders of the World on the top of Corcovado Mountain, located in the Tijuca Forest – the Biggest Urban forest in the world. From this point participants will take a helicopter flight with a fantastic overview of Rio.

Day Three: Today will be dedicated to understand Rio's passion for fun. A panoramic visit of the Sambodromo, where Rio Carnival Parade takes place every year, “Cidade do Samba “ an open air museum where are assembled all Carnival activities, from the manufacture of cars floats (floats) to making workshops fantasies and costumes. On this occasion, guests may appreciate the allegorical cars and fantasies. After the visit the group will proceed to the historical city center or a nice walking tour on the narrow streets with its houses and monuments from the Colonial period.

Day Four: Optional sign up activities: • Hang gliding: This is the time to see who dares to hang glide in Rio de Janeiro – one of the world’s most charming spots. The guests fly down in tandem with an instructor. • Cagarras Island boat trip ‑ focused on adventure, ecology and wonderful views, without setting on shore during the trip. At certain times pf the year it is usual to sight sea species such as dolphins, turtles and with a bit more of luck, even whales. Arriving at the Archipelago guests will find a real ecological sanctuary with special consideration for sea birds and the water ffall created by one of the Island’s underground caves, which depending on sea tide and winds becomes the biggest attraction. • Dance class at a typical Brazilian ball dance school: Private dance class with an English speaking teacher, including Samba and Gafieira rhythms.

Day Five: Farewell "fiesta" evening at a Samba school rehearsal court: The Samba schools are in fact like popular clubs and their headquarters are located on the peripheral area of Rio. Guaranteed to have the stuffiest visitor smiling and swaying, these practice sessions for Rio’s famed Carnival take place in neighborhoods throughout the city. While most participants are garbed in jeans or shorts, a few likely will be decked out in the sequins and ruffles for which the event is noted. Once the drummers start their repetitive beat, the atmosphere becomes charged as hour after hour, more than 100 ordinary folk, kids to grandparents, transform themselves into strutting performers as they samba around the practice space. Flag carriers furl their school’s banner, wrap themselves in it, and offer it up for kissing. The evening is exhausting and full of fun.