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Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea

Dead Sea, Jordan

Themed Events

Jordanian Bedouin Theme Night

USD 150 per person, minimum 50 persons. Bedouin tent filled with typical Bedouin colored low seats and naturally with all related Bedouin tools, decorations, rugs and carpeting. The entertainment includes: a Rababah player performing his art during dinner, a DJ with a wide choice of music and belly dancers performing their 30 minute show (or a Jordanian folkloric group of male dancers with a 20 minute show). Let a professional tattoo lady impress you, wearing a traditional costume (or allow a fortune‑teller lady to do a hand reading for all of your guests).

1001 & 1 Nights

USD 130 per person, minimum 50 participants. Be welcomed by 2 trumpeters and 2 guards and enjoy the welcome drink of Arak with while listening to lovely music. Make yourself comfortable at the low tables and let the belly and folklore dancers entertain you. To watch the bread lady do her fresh Kmaj bread a‑la‑minute is as special as the lovely food served in buffet style or as a menu.