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Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Themed Events

Tour of the Old Warehouse District

A small bus ride through the old warehouse city, what happens behind the thick brick‑walls? Who deals with spices, coffee, carpets and tobacco? The mysteries of Hamburg's history as a hub of trade. An exclusive appointment with one of the oldest and largest tea trading companies in Hamburg is next, your guests will be welcomed by one of the experts and introduced to the traditional and disciplined procedure of tea tasting. 45 Minutes later we leave the old part of Hamburg and discover the future. During the 90´s Hamburg absorbed old parts of the port to create a new district, the Hafencity. It is impressive to see Europe's largest construction site. The many wonders of Hamburg's trading pedigree revealed.

Other Themed Events:

Start the day with a bang with the Dragonboat‑Challenge 2010, a one day drumbeat course, team paddling in a dragon boat, face to face with the giants makes for a unique harbour tour.