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Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Themed Events


Escape into the wild as you explore wild nature and learn all about natural herbs, spices, plus a spot of cooking in the wild. You will be picked up in a 4WD, and taken into the depths of the jungle, where you will be shown the skills of cooking in the wild, followed by lunch next to a waterfall.


The green way, as you play your part in conservation with a spot of mangrove planting, or care for the animals at the numerous rehabilitation centres in the wild. Visit the Orang Utan rehabilitation center and discover the aspects of rehabilitation as you get involved with nature.


Enjoy a stint of cultural preservation as you partake in making your own documentary on preserving traditions and cultures at one of Malaysia’s many UNESCO sites. You will be given maps of the locations that you will need to find, and some typical modes of transport. You will then create your own script for a documentary that will highlight the charm and beauty of this UNESCO town of unique heritage and culture.