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San Jose, Costa Rica

Themed Events

National Theather

This theater was built in 1897 and is considered as San Jose's Architectural gem. It was designed by Belgian architects and decorated by Italian artists. The foyer and main lobby are decorated with paintings by classic Italian artists such as Vepasiano Bignami and gilded with real gold‑leafed mahogany furniture. Cocktails and cold hors‑d'oeuvre will enhance the experience for a most unique event.

Dinner at the Gold Museum

The Pre‑Columbian Gold Museum has an extraordinary collection of gold objects that reflect the world view, social structure and gold‑working techniques of the Pre‑Columbian peoples of Costa Rica. The collection consists of 1600 pieces of Pre‑Columbian gold work that date from 500 AD to 1500 AD. A variety of menus for incentive events are available.

Dining on the Hills

At the Ram Luna Restaurant in the hills above Aserrí, the food is authentic, the atmosphere is elegant and the view is breathtakingly amazing. Guests will feel they have the stars at their feet as they enjoy a deliciously authentic Costa Rican dinner and show above a vast sea of lights twinkling in the Central Valley below.

Fundacion Sacro Orchid Gardens

Ileana Tehran’s artistic attention to detail and a love of orchids and tropical plants have created perhaps the most enchanting and exuberant gardens of Costa Rica. Visit her private home, nursery and shade garden that drips with bromeliads, gingers, heliconias and lesser‑known tropical plant species. Let Ileana tour you around and tell you stories about how the garden came to be. Then sit down for lunch and enjoy views of birds and butterflies attracted by the sweet essence of tropical nectar.