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Turista Internacional ‑ DMC

Panama City, Panama

Themed Events

Panamanian Night

For the farewell dinner, we propose the Panamanian Night. The decoration will be based on elements used by the Panamanian woman when wearing their traditional dresses, rated the most expensive and beautiful in the world. Fresh flowers, such as lilies, roses, orchids and carnations, complement and give shape to this beautiful composition. Apart from the delicious dinner menu, the decoration of the tables will have elements of the Pollera and flower arrangements. Two ladies in white Polleras, will open the show with a choreography called Duendes y Suestes. While they dance, other women in colorful dresses will join them. Two dancers dressed as "Dirty Devils" with stunning masks and headdresses of macaw feathers, representative of our national folklore, will made their special movements and dances, impressing and entertaining your guests.

Pirates of Panama

Old Panama City is the setting for this lively and extraordinary party. We will transport your guests to the Morgan Pirate Lounge right after he visits and takes the gold from Panama City. Several buffet stations are set up throughout the area and will remain open all night long. The show will feature professional dancing performances combined with fun pirate games. After the show there will be live music for dancing and the continuing party.