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InterContinental Santiago Hotel & Convention Center

Santiago, Chile

Themed Events

Wine Tasting Location

The event includes a visit accompanied by a specialized guide who will take you around the hundred year‑old cellars, spinning tales about the history of the Cousiņo family and the vineyard.

Collection Speaker

An expert sommelier will present the most emblematic wines of Chile, speaking about their qualities, characteristics and their flavors. Speech on the Carmenere.

The Gastronomic Art of Chile

Authentic, enriching and local team activities, which will help bonding between delegates and our destination. Cookery classes of local recipes with our Chef introducing typical dishes in a room equipped for the participants to prepare authentic Chilean food.

Wine Tasting

The wine tasting is led by a professional sommelier who will give the guests a selection of three wines to taste; you will be able to experience and learn about the qualities and characteristics of each of the wines.