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Athens Ledra Hotel

Athens, Greece

Themed Events

The Round Of The World ‑ A Great Gourmet Party

The perfect combination of gourmet food, inspired drinks and superb music. A private area set with bars serving Mai Tais, Bellinis, Daquiries and other cocktails, food stations scattered all around with Row Bar or Sushi station, Tawihiri Crispy Duck station, a Greek corner, Italian, Arabic (and more suggestions can be added from the meeting planner), a combination of special lighting effects and great music (live or DJ) will put the final touch to this special gourmet event.

Ancient Greek Night

An extraordinary venue in the country side where a stone made theater has been built. Upon guests arrival waiters in togas welcome them with sweet Greek wine and appetizers inspired by ancient Greek cuisine. Torch lights lead the way to the theater where an ancient Greek drama performance will take place. A gourmet dinner will follow at a beautiful nearby venue afterwards with elegantly set tables, superb wine and a magnificent atmosphere. The Athens Ledra Hotel is very experienced and known for its outside catering services. We work with a lot of open air venues and off the property venues in Athens.