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Paradisus Punta Cana

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Themed Events

Caribbean Night

A mild breeze will take you to an entertaining party close to white sands. Waiters wearing tropical costumes will serve welcome cocktails in carved out coconuts and pineapples, as you enter the party through an arch of palms decked with flowers. You will come into a typical ambiance with Dominican houses, barges, fishing nets and many palm trees to sense the purest Caribbean.

Pirate Night

The sea and a large ship set adrift on the sand with a skull flag signal one possible thing..... Pirates! The black sails of the vessel contrast with the white table settings. The pirate captain will welcome you to this enchanting evening, laden with details and festive flair, amidst a varied selection of joyous music heralds.

Under The Sea

Amidst a fabulous ambiance in varied hues of blues that resemble the depths of the sea, waiters dressed for the occasion will greet you to the spectacular under the sea world, in the midst of corals, reefs and exotic marine flora and fauna.