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Rain Forest Adventures ‑ Atlantic

San Jose, Costa Rica

Themed Events

Tastes Like Color

It is one night that boosts senses and shows many of the real past Costa Rican costumes in an environment where the natural surroundings takes the most important place. It is perceived in the multiplicity of color nuances coming from the forest and in the colors of our textiles. The environment is full of a smell of humid forest essences caused by the warm tropical rains and of warm coffee. It tastes like Jocote fruit and mango nectar, like Pejibaye and Yucca texture. It is seasoned with our herbs and traditional dressing, but specially a unique and living culture that shines through its mystical dances, warm smiles and rhythmical paces. In Tastes Like Color show, participants will experience a vibrant magic night of culture and taste in the middle of our exuberant tropical forests.

Rain Forest Encounter

Our visitors will be welcomed by our professional and friendly naturalist Guides at our main Park’s Gate. Meanwhile our welcome committee formed by our neighbor community school children wearing their school uniforms will break the silence and with enthusiastic excitement will get ready to meet the visitors. During their short presentation they will read a small piece of poetry in English while guests pay very close attention to their words. Once the welcome meeting is over, the visitors will be escorted to the awaiting transportation, to start the sight seeing tour. In this enhanced visit of the Rain Forest Adventures, knowledgeable and expert guides will explain in detail interesting aspects of our wonderful Rain Forest. Our Gondola Naturalist Guides will greet guests at the boarding station and participate with them in our exciting signature ride. At this moment, tropical fruit cold K‑bobs will be passed by attentive waiters. Our ride is an ecstasy of the worlds most researched nature wonders, where the incredible views of the tropical rainforest will show every layer possible: from the ground level get a close glimpse of the creeks and spring waterfalls. At the mid level the immense tree branches, bird nests and exotic orchids and bromeliads. At the Canopy or higher level, larger bird species, fruits and blossoms. Maybe the most incredible part of the visit will be when the Gondola reaches one of the higher elevations. From this summit; visitors witness the grandeur and magnificence of the pristine Tropical Rain Forest.

Treasure Hunt

Team work is recognized as the most effective method to motivate the commitment to entrepreneurial objectives, to improve the general performance and increase productivity. The fact of including a team work event in the unique environment offered by our rain forests will make your general program one that is more attractive and dynamic. The Rain Forest Adventures ‑ Pacific located very close to Jacó Beach in the Central Pacific Region. It offers you 90 hectares of rainy and transition forest as the component and ideal environment in order to get out of the routine and of the everyday life.
Our Search for the Treasure experience offers you this extraordinary opportunity to capitalize the potential of your team work. This event is produced with the goal of developing your strengths in a competitive environment using those natural resources and activities available inside our natural forests including, trials with walks, searches, Tram rides, artistic and motivational activities bringing results that always exceed the expectations of the participating competitors. These have been carefully designed for everyone to participate regardless of their physical condition. Adventures are interactive and focused to the participation of the crews in a funny and informal environment. A full day of competitive excitement for the delight of your participants!