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Consolid Argentina DMC

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Themed Events

Cooking Class in Mendoza Center Area

A chef will teach us some of the secrets of cooking and wines in Argentina. We participate in a cooking class at a local restaurant, to develop our own course guided by a true gourmet. Then we will enjoy the prepared menu, accompanied by house wine.

Between Vineyards and Olive Trees in Mendoza

"Working my land" in Bodega Norton allows your participants to feel as a laborer in the vineyard. They can share and discover details about the care of the vineyard at every stage of production. The program "Bike and Tasting" in Family Zuccardi Winery combines sports and wine, and allows to enjoy an incredible landscape of vineyards, olive groves and mountains. There are three different stops to taste the wines under the vines from which they originate.

Folklore Tailor‑made in Salta

A special and different activity for learning the basic folklore steps, and perhaps it will encourage your small group to dance in a Peña. We offer two hours of classes by prominent dancers of Gatos, Chacareras and Zambas.

Exclusive Aboriginal Chorus at the Aripuca in Iguazú

The Aripuca is a unique construction built out with native giant trees and imitates an Indian trap used by the "Guaranies" for hunting in the jungle. Transported by 4WD pick ups, and after walking through a trail illuminated by torches, we get to the great fire that has been set up at the amphitheater. Welcome by the aboriginal chorus "M'borere". Typical dances and tunes are performed, beverages and "chipas" will be served. After the welcome is over, a folkloric group will invite the visitors into the dining room.

Cocktail and Meals at Devil’s Gorge

We can arrange an exclusive service at their very own falls, with panoramic views. According to the chosen spot, this event is doable on full moon nights.