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Vienna, Austria


Airport Vienna‑Schwechat is located 16 km/10 miles from downtown Vienna and combines an extensive route network and perfect infrastructure as well as high comfort and excellent orientation systems, with an extensive range of air connections between Eastern and Western Europe. That makes Vienna International Airport a gateway to the entire world for business and private travelers. The City Airport Train (CAT) takes its passengers non‑stop from the City Air Terminal in the heart of Vienna to the airport. Check‑in for departing flights at the CAT terminal in the city center. Bratislava Airport is only 60 km/37 miles from Vienna. Numerous trains and buses run daily between Vienna city and Bratislava Airport. The transfer time lies between 75 and 120 minutes depending on traffic.

Public Transportation
Trains, subways and buses

Vienna can be easily discovered by public transportation. Vienna offers a most modern and efficient network with 5 underground lines, 28 tram routes and 107 bus routes (including night lines). It is safe, clean, efficient and easily accessible. Operating hours daily from 5AM to 12:30AM with short waiting times. Visitors have a wide choice of tickets. The 24‑hour rover ticket for EUR 6.70, the 72‑hour rover ticket for EUR 14.50, the 8‑day strip ticket for EUR 33.80 (also suitable for several people traveling together), and the weekly ticket for EUR 15.00, valid Monday to Sunday, offering simplicity and flexibility for your transport during your stay in Vienna.


A taxi can be ordered calling the following numbers: 31 300, 40 100, 60 160. Fares are indicated on officially tested and approved taximeters. Surcharge for taxi ordered by phone of EUR 2.50. There is also a special surcharge for fares to and from the airport outside the Vienna City limits, and taxis are reliable and safe way to get around our city.

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