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Zurich, Switzerland


Switzerland is ideally situated to benefit from transport links to the entire globe, and has no less than, four international airports: namely Zurich (ZRH), Geneva (GVA), Bern (BRN) and Basel (BSL). Switzerland is made even easier to access thanks to its privileged position at the heart of Europe's railway and motorway network.

Public Transportation
In General

Wherever you land, your onward journey is straightforward and pleasant, and probably quicker than you imagine, thanks to our public transport system, virtually unrivaled worldwide. Buses and urban transport systems in Switzerland are extremely efficient, clean, and reliable. Boats and ferries on Swiss lakes and rivers offer alternative and delightful forms of public transport.


The clean, fast, and reliable Swiss Federal Railways are the perfect link between all types of public transport within the country. The system includes direct airport‑to‑train connections at the Zürich and Geneva airport stations, Intercity trains from city center to city center, high‑speed trains from neighboring countries, and the regional and mountain railways.

London to Zurich1.5
Rome to Zurich1.30
Brussels to Zurich1.25
Moscow to Zurich3.10
New York to Zurich7.20
Chicago to Zurich9.45
Los Angeles to Zurich14.35
Paris to Geneva1.10
Basel to Paris3.30
Basel to London6.35
Basel to Amsterdam7.13
Basel to Frankfurt2.50
Basel to Brussels5.38
Basel to Vienna9.07
Basel to Prague9.30