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Shanghai, China


Shanghai is one of China's main travel hubs and arriving from anywhere is very easy as Shanghai is the only city in China that has two international airports. There are now over forty Chinese and foreign airline companies operating in Shanghai, operating about 300 routes, including one third international routes. The second phase of Pudong International Airport opened at the end of 2007; its capacity will reach 60 million passengers per year and be the transfer hub in Asia. The shuttles and taxies are all very convenient to get you different places downtown, while the maglev train with a blazing speed of 430km/hour is also open to the public.

Public Transportation
Buses and Metro

There are more than 600 bus lines, including some night bus services, criss‑crossing the city. Shanghai's fast‑growing metro network now has 11 lines with another 2 lines under construction with a total distance of more than 400 km/248 miles. The trains are fast, cheap and fairly user‑friendly with most signs also in English, but the trains can get very busy at rush hour. You can transfer between lines freely with a single ticket. The metro accepts Shanghai's public transportation card.


Taxi is generally a good choice for transportation in the city. The basic fee is only $1.7 for the first 3 km/1.8 miles in the day time. A 5 minute waiting time equals 1 km of charge.

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