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Santiago, Chile


Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport is located 30 km/19 miles northwest of downtown Santiago. Almost 400 flights arrive weekly in Santiago at the most modern international airport of Latin America, from the most diverse destinations and on board no less than 18 world airlines. This airport is the point of entry and departure for tourism attractions the length of the country. Many flights land daily from a multitude of cities dotted throughout the world. Normally the international long distance flights leave in the evening, allowing the traveler to relax overnight. There are various flights leaving daily to all the main cities in Chile, including daily flights to Easter Island. Due to the growth of international passengers in Chile, another expansion and renovation will be done in the next years to improve its facilities.

Public Transportation

The bus service is extensive, inexpensive and modern. The bus destination is clearly marked on the bottom left hand corner of the windshield, together with a list of the streets on its route.

Colectivos and Taxis

Colectivos are taxis that work like buses. They follow a regular route and will fill the car with passengers, but are more comfortable than the buses. There are two kinds of taxi; normal taxi and radio taxi. Normal taxis are yellow and black and inexpensive for short journey's, radio taxis have fast service but are more inexpensive than normal taxis for longer trips.


Santiago's subway system is efficient and very clean. There are four lines that interconnect the city.

Buenos Aires2.00
Sao Paulo3.50
Mexico DF8.50
New York10.50
Los Angeles11.45