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Lima, Peru


LAN Airlines will fly you from more cities across the world than any other airline to Jorge Chavez International Airport, in Lima. Peru's main International and Domestic Airport handling over 9 million annual passengers. In 2010 the Airport was awarded the "Best Airport in South America" by UK based Skytrax. The airport is easily accessible by buses, shuttle services, private transfers and taxis.
Arriving in Peru is typically a straight forward process, as long as your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your departure date. When arriving by air, US citizens must show a return ticket or open‑jaw onward ticket Ė donít show up with just a one‑way ticket to South America. Immigration officials at airports are efficient. For the best Global Air transportation details please visit a member of the OneWorld Alliance.

Public Transportation
Taxi in cities and around

Inside the cities, there is usually no problem getting around in city taxis. "Taxi" does not necessarily mean a car; the term also refers to bicycles and motor bikes for hire. Taxis are divided between "formal" taxis, painted and marked as such and have a sticker with SOAT, and informal ones, that are just cars with a windshield sticker that says "Taxi", these are best left for the locals. Radio taxi (are more expensive), the fare is not fixed or metered, but it is negotiated with the driver before getting into the vehicle. Ask at your hotel about the rate you may expect to pay to ride to a specific location to have a point of reference. There is no tipping at taxis.

By Bus

Inter‑city travel is mostly by bus, and some cities have train connections. In contrast to Colectivos, buses, and of course trains, start from fixed points, either the central bus terminal or the court of the appropriate bus company. It is a good idea to buy your ticket one day in advance so that you can be relatively sure of finding a seat.

By Train

Even when going by train, it's best to buy the ticket in advance. Buy 1st class or buffet class, or you risk getting completely covered by luggage. The Ferrocarril Central Andino, the line joining Lima to Huancayo is the second highest railway in the world and the Highest in South America. The Journey on board of the Train of the Andes, through the heart of Peru is simply breathtaking. It is an 11 hour experience where the train reaches an altitude of 4781 meters/15,681 feet above the sea and goes through 69 tunnels, 58 bridges and makes 6 zigzags. In 2005 they renovated their passenger wagons in a Luxurious and comfortable way which puts the railway in the list of the most famous trains along with the Orient Express.

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