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Welcome to our newest tool . . . RFPlite!
RFPlitehas been designed to make what normally is a very time-consuming process quick and easy. Once you have filled in a short form with the basic requirements for a meeting or other type of program you can select as many suppliers in as many areas of the world you want and send the RFP to all of them simultaneously with one click. For the moment, this is limited to hotels only. Destination and other venue RFP's will follow shortly.
Unique New Feature Automatically PDF's Your RFP!
Using our DIY Workbook mechanics, once you have filled in the requirements form, you can output the data as a nicely formatted PDF document which is then sent to the suppliers of your choice. You can print it, save it or assemble it in a master document - see box below.
RFPlite Is Easy!
1. Click Below to access your RFPlite dashboard
2. Start An RFP as indicated
3. Complete the RFPlite Form and attach Supporting Documentation as needed
4. Click Select Suppliers and use our Advanced Search Engine to find them
5. Click the RFPlite Icon for each supplier you wish to send the RFP to from either the Search Results Page or from inside the Suppliers Presentation. You can perform as many different searches and individual selections as you wish for suppliers in different cities, states or countries.
6. Return to the Summary Page of your RFP, make sure you have all the suppliers you want and that your data is complete, then click to start the Submission Process.
Fantastic Save-to-Desktop & Print Function

Using our DIY Workbook mechanics, after Submission you can assemble your RFP form along with the information pages of each supplier you have selected, add pdf pages of Country, State or City information, create a custom titled cover page and download all as a single pdf document to your desktop. All the web and email address remain alive in the downloaded document so you can make contact directly with a supplier with a single click.

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RFPlite is accessible free to members. Registration is quick, easy, and free